Can \EGGan VegOmlet be used by people with egg white allergies?

Yes, \Eggan VegOmlet does not contain egg white.

Is \EGGan VegOmlet vegan?

VegOMLET is 100% vegan. It is based on mung bean plant protein, contains no preservatives, GMOs and is an additional source of protein for people who do not eat animal proteins. It does not contain products of animal origin.

How to cook \EGGan VegOmlet?

To prepare, you need to put the omelet on a plate and heat it in the microwave at a minimum power of 30-60 seconds. You can also heat up an omelet in a skillet and prepare an analogue of scramble. You can add an omelet to burgers, rolls, sandwiches or serve as a ready-made dish with vegetables, salad, etc.


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